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    Not just correct answers get a detailed explanation of all the questions. You can re-attempt the tests and work upon your weak areas. In addition, our interactive forum will provide you the platform to discuss all the typical questions.

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    1.       Make An Ideal Ambiance to Study

    2.       Set Some Goals to Achieve the Target

    3.       Learn An Ideal Learning State

    4.       Make Your Learning Very Relevant and Effective

    5.       Practice to take own Test on what you Learn


  • http://dhunt.in/N6JnS

    News article published in dhunt -Leading the Way in Education: Mind Path Detox's Certified Career Counsellors and AI-Powered Test Series Drive Success Mind Path Detox, a dynamic and innovative organization founded by a passionate group of educators, announces its ground-breaking approach to career counseling and mind-brain development for children. The counsellors are Internationally certified from the University of California, USA; Harward; Berklee; etc. With a keen focus on combating unhealthy competition and fostering personal growth, Mind Path Detox has successfully guided numerous students towards their dream careers through its unique "EDCEP" technique. Furthermore, the organisation's advanced implementation of AI-driven performance monitoring has resulted in an impressive success rate of over 90% for entrance and competitive examinations and overseas admissions after the 12th grade. During their research, they observed that most parents prssureise their children to choose careers as engineers, doctors, CAs, lawyers, or government officers. Under the pressure of parents, children select disinterested careers, which create a negative mindset and frustrate them when they don't succeed. While planning a child's career, it is important to consider their weaknesses, strengths, and interests. Understanding the importance of accurate and effective guidance in these crucial stages of a student's academic journey, the team empowers students through advanced Mind-Brain development programmes. They discovered a new technique known as EDCEP, which includes the Advance Digital Psychometric Tool and Digital DMIT, which are helpful for in-depth analysis of the mind and brain to identify the right career. They help students improve their memory power and mental concentration through mid-brain activation, music therapy, speed reading techniques, mnemonics, etc. The counsellor at Mind Path Detox Research and Development has helped many children with not only career planning but also guiding them to achieve their career goals. In today's fast-paced world, young minds often find themselves entangled in a web of overwhelming competition and societal pressure. Leveraging this cutting-edge technology and AI-driven performance, the organisation has developed a comprehensive online test series with the help of IIT and IIM Alumini and well-experienced professors that gives a clear vision and road map to the students, helping them prepare for the exams in the best possible manner. This test series is best in India and known as "KWIIZ," useful for entrance examinations after the 12th grade, which will be very helpful for admission for engineering, medical, defence, and law, and for compitative examinations like GATE, Staff Selection Commission, defence, UPSC, State PSC, and almost all state and central government examinations. They also prepared the test series for tests like IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. for overseas admission. Mind Path Detox's pioneering approach, known as the "EDCEP" technique, is the cornerstone of its success. This technique combines evidence-based methodologies from the fields of career counselling and mind-brain development to help students discover their true potential and identify the right career path. By nurturing their unique talents, interests, and aspirations, Mind Path Detox equips students with the necessary tools to thrive in their chosen fields. Understanding the importance of accurate and effective guidance in these crucial stages of a student's academic journey, the team empowers students through advanced Mind-Brain development programmes. Leveraging this cutting-edge technology, the organisation has developed a comprehensive online test series that caters to entrance examinations after the 12th grade and overseas admissions. This state-of-the-art platform not only provides students with a realistic exam experience but also offers personalised insights and recommendations based on their performance. At Mind Path Detox, the entire team is committed to staying at the forefront of educational research and development. Their dedicated team ensures that their career counselling services and test series are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students in today's competitive landscape. With their unwavering commitment to empowering young minds, Mind Path Detox is reshaping the education landscape and giving students the confidence and clarity, they need to pursue their passions. By bridging the gap between aspirations and achievements, Mind Path Detox is not just an organisation; it's a guiding light for the next generation. For more information about Mind Path Detox and its revolutionary programmes, visit: www.mindpathdetox.com or kwiiz.mindpathdetox.com

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  • 10 Tips for Students To Get Success in Competitive Entrance Exams

    10 Tips for Students To Get Success in Competitive Entrance Exams It takes diligence to prepare for entrance exams but other than that, knowing some tips and tricks can be very beneficial and help you perform better in your entrance exams. Earlier, students were not equipped with proper facilities to help them with the exam preparation, but now with advancements in technology and the internet, the students have access to all the help that they can get. Every student wants to give their best in the exam so that they get selected in a good university and move one step closer towards achieving their goals. And if you’re one of the many students appearing for an entrance exam then here are some tips for you that will help you prepare for your competitive exam better. Even the smallest tips can help you prepare better for the exam pay attention. You will read about “10 Tips for students to get success in competitive entrance exams” 1. Read and Understand the Exam Pattern 2. Plan your Study 3. Explore Syllabus 4. Make a Timetable 5. Eliminate Distractions 6. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle 7. Be Motivated and positive attitude 8. Practice MOCK Test regularly 9. Proper Time Management for attempting each question. 10. Don’t hesitate to clear doubts or queries

    10 Tips for Students To Get Success in Competitive Entrance Exams image


Importance of Self Performance Analysis

We all have our own set of strengths and weaknesses.  But, how we act upon it is the most important thing. Firstly we need to analyze within our own selves if we are aware of the same.  This is when Self-Analysis comes into the picture.

Self-Analysis allows aspirants to assess the level of preparation in order to improve performance in competitive exams. It also aids the student to sort through the available abundance of materials and streamline their preparation smartly.

  1. It provides us with a road map to crack the competitive exam and make the necessary changes or improvements.
  2. Self-analysis enables us to be mindful of our preparation and increase clarity toward the objective of the exam.
  3. Boost our confidence through self-improvement as the process makes the student familiar with all their strengths, abilities, shortcomings, defects, etc.
  4. A major obstacle to preparing and clearing the exam is the inability to know where one stands in the level of preparation. Self-evaluation clears the confusion and aid in choosing the method of study best suited for them.
  5. Helps reflect on and track progress.

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